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Performance Review


Season 2, Episode 8, 3:18-4:13

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Michael:[playing Jan's message] 'I guess I missed you.' I guess I missed you. So, she misses me?
Pam:She missed you.
Michael:But then she goes on to say 'that will be our only topic of discussion'. That doesn't mean anything, those are just words.
Pam:I have one idea of what it means.
Michael:Ok. Yeah, what, what?
Pam:Well I don't think you're gonna be very happy with this.
Michael:Ohhh, great. Well, now I'm in a terrible mood. Let's do your performance review-
Pam:Because she's conflicted. She has to be professional, but she's fighting feelings... for you.
Michael:Ah, why, that's great news? That, that, then why would, why would I not like that?
Pam:Um, just cause, that, you work together, and it might be awkward.
Michael:Oh, wow, wow. Alright, let's listen to that again. [plays Jan's message] 'Michael, it's Jan. I guess I missed you'.
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