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Performance Review


Season 2, Episode 8, 4:14-5:08

Meme It!
Dwight:Oh, hey, listen, Jim. Here's a little tip for your performance review.
Dwight:Tell Michael that we should be stocking more of the double-tabbed manila file folders.
Jim:We don't have double-tabbed manila file folders.
Dwight:Oh, yes, we do.
Jim:No, we don't.
Dwight:Yeah, it's a new product. So, you should just suggest that to him and he'll be sure to give you a raise.
Jim:Alright... well, I'm not asking for a raise. I'm gonna actually be asking for a pay decrease.
Dwight:Uh, that is so stupid. What if he gives it to you?
Jim:I win.
Dwight:Ugh, you know what? I am going to zone you out for the rest of today. I need to stay focused, and I don't have to see you tomorrow or Sunday and please don't call me, and we'll see how things go on Monday. Uh, stupid.
Jim:Wait, wait; one thing. Uh, by tomorrow, you mean Saturday, right?
Dwight:Uh, duh.
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