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Lecture Circuit, Pt. 1


Season 5, Episode 14, 2:32-4:15

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Michael:Well, Pam and I have eloped. Actually we just robbed a bank, and we are on the lam. [laughs] No, uh, seriously, I am on a lecture circuit. Apparently Scranton has the best sales of any regional branch. So David Wallace has asked me to go to all the branches, except Nashua, still a little bit raw there. Um, but I am going to these branches and sharing my secret recipe for success. My 11 business herbs and spices, in a sales batter. [looks at Pam] Oh that, well, that is Pam. Pam is coming along as my assistant and my driver so I can focus. And I like to pack heavy.
Pam:He brought a sled.
Michael:No! That is a toboggan, you never know when you're gonna find a snowy hill so... Every magician has a hot assistant, and every rock star has a roadie, and Pam is my hot roadie.
Pam:Yeah. I love being on the road, but I especially love the time and a half pay 24 hours a day, for three days. Cause I have a mortgage now, got a bring home the bucks.
Michael:Yeah, oh don't say bucks, it's not lady like. Here we go! [gets in backseat] Okay so what we do is drive all day and we stay in hotels together at night.
Pam:Separate rooms.
Michael:Well that goes without saying.
Pam:I'm going to say it anyway.
Michael:Hey! Look at what you're wearing again, Pam. Have you ever seen a magician's assistant? That's...
Pam:This is a new cardigan.
Michael:...kind of [retches] Maybe you could tie it around your waist or lose the shirt underneath or something.
Michael:No. Oh, all right.
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