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The Office: An American Workplace


Season 1, Episode 1, 4:43-6:14

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Jan:Alright, was there anything you wanted to add to the agenda?
Michael:Um... Me no get an agenda.
Jan:What? I'm sorry?
Michael:I didn't get any agenda.
Jan:Well, I faxed one over to you this morning.
Michael:Really? I didn't... [looks at Pam] Did we get a fax this morning?
Pam:Uh, yeah, the one...
Michael:Why isn't it in my hand? A company runs on efficiency of communication, right? So what's the problem, Pam? Why didn't I get it?
Pam:You put in the garbage can that was a special filing cabinet.
Michael:Yeah, that was a joke. That was a joke that was actually my brother's, and... It was supposed to be with bills and it doesn't work great with faxes.
Jan:Do you want to look at mine?
Michael:Yeah, yeah. Lovely. Thank you.
Jan:OK. Since the last meeting, Ellen and the board have decided we can't justify a Scranton branch and a Stamford branch.
Jan:Michael, don't panic.
Michael:No, no, no, no, this is good. This is good. This is fine. Excellent.
Jan:No, no, no, Michael, listen OK. Don't panic. We haven't made... We haven't decided.
Michael:All the alarm bells are kind of going... ringie-dingie-ding!
Jan:I've spoken to Josh in Stamford. I've told him the same as you and it's up to either him or you to convince me that your branch can incorporate the other.
Michael:OK. No problem.
Jan:This does, however, mean that there is going to be downsizing.
Michael:Me no wanna hear that, Jan. Because downsizing is a bitch. It is a real bitch. And I wouldn't wish that on Josh's men. I certainly wouldn't wish it on my men. Or women, present company excluded. Sorry. Uh, is Josh concerned about downsizing himself? Not downsizing himself but is he concerned about downsizing?
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