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The Office: An American Workplace


Season 1, Episode 1, 6:19-7:01

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Michael:Question. How long do we have to... [Telephone rings] Oh uh, Todd Packer, terrific rep. Do you mind if I take it?
Jan:Go ahead.
Todd Packer:Hey, you big queen.
Michael:Oh, that's not appropriate.
Todd Packer:Hey, is old Godzillary coming in today?
Michael:Uh, I don't know what you mean.
Todd Packer:I've been meaning to ask her one question. Does the carpet match the drapes?
Michael:Oh, my God! Oh! That's... horrifying. Horrible. Horrible person.
Jan:So do you think we could keep a lid on this for now? I don't want to worry people unnecessarily.
Michael:No, absolutely. Under this regime, it will not leave this office. [zips his lips] Like that.
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