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Season 8, Episode 6, 3:34-4:30

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Robert:Last week an accounting mistake resulted in a client getting their order for free.
Andy:Umpfthat's not good. Chalk that one up to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb out there.
Robert:Who are they?
Andy:They're both Kevin. Oscar is the Sex and the City gang and Angela, if you can picture
Robert:Andrew sometimes I feel like you don't know me at all.
Andy:I would agree with that.
Robert:Simplyend the mistakes
Andy:End the mistakes, easy-
Robert:When I come back next week and this report shows me no mistakes, we can talk about names, all day. Our favorite names, silly made up names, normal names said in a silly voice. Wouldn't that be nice?
Andy:I would like that.
Robert:End the mistakes. That is all I ask. [gets up from chair] And you can't have a favorite Iron Chef. It depends entirely on the secret ingredient. Sometimes I feel you don't know food at all.
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