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Money, Pt. 1 & 2


Season 4, Episode 4, 2:53-3:22

Meme It!
Michael:It's just that you say it's gonna cost what it costs--- [phone rings]
Pam:[on the phone] Michael, it's Ryan for you.
Jan:Conniving little runt. Put him through.
Michael:Put him through. Yes. Ryan, my man!
Ryan:[on the phone] I sent you an email about the new Powerpoint.
Michael:Yes, and thank you for sending that to me.
Ryan:I had IT install the updated Powerpoint on the computer so you can use it for the presentation. I really want people there using Powerpoint.
Michael:Okay, yeah, I dunno. I dunno, I think those IT guys messed up.
Ryan:Hold on, I'll get them on the phone.
Michael:[looking at nothing] Wait, oh, no, here it is, here it is. Found it.
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