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Suit Warehouse


Season 9, Episode 11, 3:38-4:25

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Meredith:Nothing wrong with being a gentleman. Like my mom used to say, Talk classy, act nasty.
Clark:What's with the wig Meredith?
Meredith:What, is it on backwards? [partially removes wig, revealing her bald head]
Clark:Nope, you got it. You fixed it. Uh, I have a gift from Jan. It's an espresso maker! We came to be quite fond of espresso on the Amalfi Coast so bon appetite.
Phyllis:Ooo! 16 types of espresso! Now that's Italian.
Oscar:My friend has one of these. Fool-proof espresso every time.
Meredith:Always with the friends Oscar. Can't we just enjoy the new espresso machine?
Oscar:Actually, it's pronounced espresso Wait. That's what you said. I apologize, I just assumed you would mispronounce it. So
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