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Season 8, Episode 3, 0:03-2:11

Meme It!
Dwight:....back orders and you never called them.
Oscar:Can you believe this?
Erin:There's a dog in the car.
Oscar:You can't leave a dog in a parked car. [points to I'd rather be snowboarding bumper sticker] Snowboarder, it figures.
Jim:Do Snowboarders hate animals?
Oscar:I bet this guy didn't leave his weed in the car. OK we have to do something because this is incredibly dangerous.
Andy:Oscar, it's not that hot out.
Darryl:A car parked in the sun is like a toaster oven.
Andy:Well, we don't know how long the driver's been gone and it's not in direct sunlight.
Kelly:So what, Andy, you wanna just let him die, you scumbag?
Kevin:Here, I'm gonna get in my car. When I start dying, I will honk the horn three times. That means save the dog.
Dwight:OK, you know what? I'm gonna give him something to drink. Come here, doggy. [Whistling and pouring water from bottle into sunroof of car] Come on.
Jim:Dwight! At least aim it.
Dwight:There you go! Here doggy! He's not even trying. Come here doggy, come on.
Andy:We're losing cloud cover.
Kelly:Oh don't try to get in on it now, Michael Vick.
Darryl:Hey, hey, hey. Vick did his time.
Oscar:This guy's been gone long enough. He's lost his right to a window. [Oscar approaches the vehicle with a tire iron]
Jim:Whoa whoa whoa whoa!
Oscar:Come on buddy, get back.
Dwight:Whoa, Oscar! What are you- What? No, hey! [Oscar busts out back window, group cries out in protest, then cheers]
Jim:Alright! Nice job, Oscar!
Oscar:And one for good measure! [Busts out taillight, group applauds]
Jim:So...ah, who's gonna take the dog?
Oscar:Why would we take the dog?
Jim:What if he jumps out the window and runs away?
Oscar:Jim, he's not gonna star- [Dog lunges for open window and barks]
Oscar:Shh! Shh! Stay there, stay.
Dwight:Nein. Sits. [snaps as dog calms] Goot.
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