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The Incentive


Season 8, Episode 2, 1:01-2:13

Meme It!
Andy:Kevin, I appreciate what you're trying to do.
Andy:Here, we have a word code, the same way we have a dress code. And what we're talking about isbasically the speech equivalent to just wearing underpants. Sometimes words, you no need usebut need need for talk talk.
Kevin:But save time. More success.
Jim:Does it save time though? Cause weve been here for about an hour.
Kevin:No me fault.
Pam:Kevin, at most you're saving a microscopic amount of time.
Kevin:Many small time make big time.
Andy:What are you gonna do with all this time?
Kevin:See world.
Pam:Kevin, you cannot possibly save enough time to see the world.
Jim:K, Kevin, are you saying See the world? or Sea World?
Kevin:See world. Oceans. Fish. Jump. China.
Jim:No, see? Right there, that's the problem with your method. Cause I still don't know if you're saying Sea World or see the world, and it's taking a lot of time to explain it.
Kevin:Fine, fine. Ill talk normally.
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