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Season 8, Episode 11, 1:21-1:56

Meme It!
Kevin:Oh yeah!
Dwight:Knew it! I knew it! Soon as I heard that wrapper.
Oscar:You really have to say 'oh yeah' every time you eat a candy bar?
Kevin:I can't help it, Oscar. It's just really good. [takes another bite] Oh yeah!
Jim:All right, not bad at all. I think we can beat 20 minutes though so let's try again. Get it all out now if you have to.
Andy:It was a raccoon! Eating a hamburger like a person!
Dwight:You need to stop banging your pen on your desk or it's going to drive me insane.
Jim:Okay, done.
Erin:[shows bloody hand] Does anyone have a first aid kit?
Darryl:Check out this song I wrote: I'ma love you downstairs tonight... [overlapping chatter]
Jim:All right, here we go! Everybody get read in three, two, good luck, one-
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