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Michael's Last Dundies


Season 7, Episode 21, 2:44-3:40

Meme It!
Michael:Anything can happen at the Dundies! [DeAngelo laughs] They're like the Golden Globes but less mean. And I just want all of us to have a good time!
Dwight:Just a little announcement folks, remember, the Dundies is a black tie affair.
Michael:Black tie optional.
Dwight:Every day is black tie optional!
Michael:A la, tonight we will be hosting at Louie Volpies!
Kevin:Nice! [rest of the office looks excited]
Phyllis:I love their breadsticks!
Pam:Oh, their breadsticks are like crack!
Ryan:I love when people say like crack when they've obviously never done crack.
Pam:Well the breadsticks are like what then, Ryan, what can I use?
Ryan:I don't know, something from your world. The breadsticks are like scrapbooking.
Pam:You're right, you're right. I'm a middle class broad. [Jim does his 'Jim face']
Michael:Shh, shh! Okay, okay. Everybody's right. They're like breadsticks on steroids. Right?
Ryan:Yeah that's great.
Michael:So as you know, the Dundies are my legacy. So I'm going to need to train a replacement. So this year, I have decided to have a co-host. [Dwight looks suspecting] And that person is [he and DeAngelo roll their tongues as a drum roll] DeAngelo! [all applaud]
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