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Todd Packer


Season 7, Episode 18, 2:27-4:08

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Holly:[walks into conference room with Michael and Todd] Hi!
Michael:Hi. [Holly and Michael kiss]
Holly:You must be Todd.
Todd Packer:[shaking Holly's hand] Whoa! I'm sorry, Michael. I thought we were meeting Holly today, not Jennifer Aniston!
Holly:[laughs oddly] Very funny. Okay let's get started.
Todd Packer:After you!
Michael:Oh, Michael! This'll be just us.
Michael:Oh, yes yes yes yes. Just so you know, he's at his funniest when you've given him five shots.
Holly:All right.
Michael:And it also helps if you've had five shots.
Holly:I already have.
Jim:[to Michael] Why is Packer back?
Michael:Is Packer here?
Dwight:Why's he talking to Holly?
Michael:[peering into conference room] Don't know, don't care.
Holly:[to Todd] Michael loves you, and your sales speak for themselves.
Todd Packer:[excitedly] Oh!
Michael:[sees Holly and Todd shaking hands in the conference room] Yes! The Pack is back! Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to a man who needs no introduction, probably because most of you have done it with him. Just kidding he wouldn't be interested in any of you. In all seriousness, Todd Packer, is a permanent salesman at this branch. And I would like to invite you to welcome him with open arms.
Todd Packer:It's great to be among friends, but until then, you suckers will do!
Kevin:Nice! We got burned!
Michael:You did! You got burned, because Packer's back! Packer is turning in his car for a desk. He is turning in his condoms, for a condominium! Although he's probably going to have to use condoms from here on out.
Dwight:[seething] Holly, you approved this?
Holly:Yes I did, I think Todd's gonna make a great addition to the staff.
Jim:You did approve it?
Kevin:What don't you understand about the word approved? It seems some of you don't know what the word approved means.
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