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The Seminar


Season 7, Episode 14, 3:35-4:05

Meme It!
Dwight:What are some of your small business ideas?
Older guy:I was thinking we could buy up of abandoned mine shafts.
Phyllis, Stanley, Dwight:Oooh!
Dwight:That's great. There's a big, big future in that.
Phyllis:A lot of mines in Scranton.
Dwight:Um, what about you?
Younger Guy:Uh, credit cards.
Younger Guy:My company would act as an intermedium, for like, point two cents off every transaction.
Younger Guy:Something with cell phones. It's like, every time you make a phone call I'd make point two cents. Or anything like any on-line shopping I would get point two cents.
Dwight:Right. Okay? Great.
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