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New Leads


Season 6, Episode 20, 4:31-5:20

Meme It!
Michael:Honey and jelly sandwich time. [removes lunch from fridge]
Michael:Oh, you got to be kidding me. [holds up squashed sandwich] Look at that. That's -
Darryl:I know who did that.
Michael:You saw who did this and you didn't stop them?
Darryl:Didn't have to see. It was sales. I can feel it. They are out of control.
Michael:The sales department smashed my sandwich.
Darryl:Yes. All of 'em. Together. It's a conspiracy. Listen to me, Mike, you gotta do something about them.
Michael:You don't get it.
Darryl:You need to get back on top.
Michael:That's what she said.
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