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New Leads


Season 6, Episode 20, 5:21-6:14

Meme It!
Erin:Something came for you, Michael. [hands him a parcel]
Michael:Thank you very much.
Jim:What'd you get?
Michael:Ah, just the stupid leads.
Stanley:About time.
Andy:Me likey!
Phyllis:Finally, Michael. Hand 'em over, numbnuts. [Michael stares at her incredulously] But seriously. It's your job to give us those leads.
Michael:Alright. Then I guess I should give them out. Hold on. You know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking that I have something that you want. You guys are acting like you own this place. And you don't. Not even Sabre owns this place. It's a rental. I'm kind of sick of the attitude around here. I'm sick of the cocky walk, I am sick of you throwing your paycheck in my face, I am sick of your uppity attitude, Jim... I think I am not going to give these to you. [Angela, Kevin and Oscar applaud]
Stanley:We need those leads, Michael. It's our job Michael. Michael!
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