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Scott's Tots


Season 6, Episode 12, 2:24-3:36

Meme It!
Erin:Frankie's Dirty Joke of the Day? There's a bunch of those.
Erin:There's a bunch of Sent e-mails that jusy say 'Delivered.' Should I delete all of those?
Michael:I want to keep those so I can see what I sent.
Erin:That's why you have a 'Sent Mail' folder.
Erin:There's about 30 news alerts for 'Nip Slip.'
Michael:For what?
Erin:Nip slip.'
Michael:Oh okay. I don't know how those got on there...
Michael:Must be hackers.
Jim:Hey. What's up?
Michael:What if I told you I had done the worst thing ever, would you still want to be my friend?
Jim:Did you murder someone?
Michael:Worse than that.
Erin:Oh, my God.
Michael:Lurk much? [Erin leaves] I miss Pam.
Jim:I think she's okay.
Michael:Is that what we're going for now? 'okay?' We used to go for 'pretty good.'
Jim:Great. Hey, how do you feel about starting an Employee of the Month program?
Michael:Yeah, you know what, that actually might make me feel better. I'm not in this for the trophies, but...
Jim:You're not in it at all, because you can't be employee of the month, you're a manager.
Michael:Well, technically, I'm a co-manager, and I barely have any responsibilities, but I work hard, I love this company, and for those reasons, I think I would make a good employee of the month.
Jim:It would look bad. Sorry.
Michael:It would look good, on my mantle.
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