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Golden Ticket


Season 5, Episode 17, 4:54-5:43

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Jim:[on phone] Hey, Tom. What's that? Oh, you found a golden ticket. [puts hand on receiver and speaks to office] One of my clients found a golden ticket. [Michael screams in excitement] [Jim back on phone] Yup. No, congratulations. [Michael dances in background]
Michael:Woo hoo.
Jim:[on phone] I'll take that down right now.
Michael:Tell me; was it a spoiled little girl with big lips...
Jim:I'm on the phone.
Michael:...or an odd little boy with a cowboy obsession?
Jim:[on phone] Hold on one second.
Michael:Invite them on the tour.
Jim:[to Michael] It's actually Blue Cross from Pennsylvania.
Michael:Really? That's kind of a big client. [gets up and heads toward Oscar] Hey, Oscar. Woo hoo hoo. Um, how much of a hit is ten percent of our Blue Cross account?
Oscar:Ten percent?
Oscar:They're our largest client.
Oscar:It's gonna hurt.
Jim:[on phone] Hold on one sec. Hold on one sec, Tom, what's that? You found five golden tickets? And does it say limit one per customer? Nope, it doesn't.
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