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Blood Drive


Season 5, Episode 16, 0:33-1:35

Meme It!
Phone Salesman:How about I make an appointment to come back? That way, I know he'll be here.
Pam:That is a great idea.
Phone Salesman:Great.
Pam:[while leafing through Michael's appointment book and seeing nothing but free time] Um, oh boy, let's see, he's really...
Jim:[approaching Reception] Michael Scott, manager. Hi, how are ya?
Pam:There he is!
Phone Salesman:Oh, hi! Great.
Jim:Nice to meet you, yeah. Whew! I can assure you we don't need a new system though. Happy with ours.
Michael:[coming out from his office] Hello, may I help you?
Jim:[impersonating Fonzie] Ayyyy!
Dwight:[running from his desk] Ayyyy!
Jim, Pam, Michael and Dwight:Ayyyy!
Phone Salesman:Ok. I'm, uh, I'll be going.
Jim, Pam, Michael and Dwight:Ayyyy!
Michael:[laughing] What was that?
Pam:That was funny.
Michael:That was funny. Let's go do it to somebody else. Ayyyy!
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