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Lecture Circuit, Pt. 1


Season 5, Episode 14, 0:14-2:16

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Jim:This morning the phone guy comes in, and he shows Michael that the phones have a PA function. And then he just left.
Michael:[over PA] This is your captain speaking, the office will be flying at an altitude of two stories. Look out your left hand window and you will see Vance Refrigeration. [snickering] I am the ghost of salesman past, do not come near me. [wheezing laughing, starts coughing] Yes Michael Scott for Dr. Jocelyn, please. Hello doctor I was just following up on my mole again. No, I was looking online about sebaceous cysts. I have not been squeezing it.
Michael:Could I stick it with a pin?
Michael:[still talking over PA] Toby Flenderson to the principal's office. Your mother called, and it appears that you wet the bed again. So you have to get home to wash your sheets [Jim stands up, puts scissors in back pocket] because they are yellow and they're wet with your urine.
Michael:You, and at six foot six, from the University of North Carolina, Jiiiiim Halpeeeeert.
Jim:That's pretty funny. Hey you know what? Did I drop my, uh...
Jim:What the heck? Is that, uh... [bends down, cuts phone cords with scissors]
Michael:You find it?
Jim:I didn't, I'll look somewhere else.
Michael:All right.
Jim:All right.
Michael:Would you like fries with that? Please drive around.
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