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Prince Family Paper


Season 5, Episode 12, 4:34-5:48

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Dwight:Store only has three employees.
Michael:So what?
Dwight:It means they are not expanding.
Michael:Maybe they are shrinking.
Michael:They could be shrinking.
Dwight:No because their sign is centered perfectly above their store. No sign of the sign being moved.
Michael:Ah ha [popping something in his mouth] Yup.
Dwight:[spying through binoculars] Its lunch time, and no sign of anyone coming in or out. Which means they are not taking new customers out to lunch.
Michael:Mm hmm .
Dwight:Which Means they're not acquiring new business. So once again no growth.
Michael:And there are clouds. There are clouds in the sky, which means gonna rain, bad for business.
Dwight:Oh, it would if they were all cumulous and not cirrostratus.
Michael:Argh, why are you all...
Dwight:Get your clouds right.
Michael:Shut up.
Dwight:So you go in now, I am going to go in exactly ten minutes. We have never met each other. We are complete strangers. Also, we are going to need a signal to bolt out of there if there is danger. Lick ur lips, try it. [Michael licks lips] No, no like this. [Dwight starts and Michael follows passionately licking their lips] Good.
Michael:Ready to do this?
Michael:Good. Here come the sharks. [they imitate jaws theme sounds and Dwight makes shark fin on his forehead]
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