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Health Care


Season 1, Episode 3, 1:34-2:39

Meme It!
Jan:So, which health plan have you decided on?
Michael:I am going to go with the best, Jan. I am going to go with the one with the acupuncture, therapeutic massage, you know, the works.
Jan:Wait, acupuncture? None of the plans have acupuncture. Have you looked at them closely Michael?
Michael:I think it was you who didn't look closely enough at the Gold Plan.
Jan:The Gold Plan? I'm not even on that plan.
Michael:Well, I'd recommend it. It's very good.
Michael:You gotta crack these things open.
Jan:You know the whole reason that we're doing this, is to save money. So you just need to pick a provider and choose the cheapest plan.
Michael:Well, that is kind of a tough assignment. Um... It won't be popular decision around the old orifice.
Jan:It's your job. So...
Michael:Well, it's a suicide mission, you know.
Jan:Michael... maybe... I mean...
Michael:There, there...
Jan:Sometimes a manager, like yourself, has to deliver the bad news to the employees. I do it all the time.
Michael:[scoffs] When have you ever done that?
Jan:I'm doing it right now. To you.
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